Chunky Princess Loses A Battle

Sep 06, 2018

I had a busy day yesterday so I didn't eat right or on time.  

  • no breakfst
  • lunch: beef and bean burrito 2 surving (didnt know that 1/2 a burrito was a surving)
  • Dinner: me and hubby didn't have time to cook (didn't want to I'll tell the truth) I was really hungry and ended up eating a whole pizza over a few shows that we watched together.  I didn't realize I was eating that much and it just happend.  I stoped when my tummy started hurting and it was already done.  No going back.  
  • snacks though out day: vienna sausage orignial, mini oreo snack bag, butterfinger skulls 4 of them though out day.  

So I'm not happy with myself today.  In fact my tummy hurt this morning too when I got up.  I'll have to do better, but its only one day out of millions.  I do not think that I loss the war just a battle.  

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