that da** gallblader

Feb 05, 2009

Well i had been feeling really bad and on and off of my weekly stalls.As i was in class for my job on01/20/09 just 10 minutes shy of the class being over , i got extremely hot ,dizzy,weak, and at the same time scared as he*l i got up to go put cold water on my face and had a real close meeting with the floor i fainted boy was i really scared but as got little better i was in pain and my teacher took me to the ER where the ER Dr. stated you need surgery3 days later i got my gallbladder removed and sent home the day of surgery and i thought my c-sections were drive thru  this takes the cake well I've been off for two weeks and now back to work . I'm feeling so much better and in the process lost more weight, yeah still giving my GOD his praise for every thing in life that cross my path because god is GOOD all The TIME no doubt so take care and praised up .and get your rest til next time


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i am on my way and giving god his praises
just at a stall but god will see me through!
I am on my way!!!
God has seen me through this journey
less than 20 hours till show time!!!
praises to god he is always on time!!!!
i made it a week yeahhhhhh1