Three months already?

Mar 25, 2011

Boy how time flies!  I can' t believe it's been 3 months since surgery, and while I'm a bit disappointed in my weight loss thus far, I have finally discovered what has been hindering my progress.  It's the evil drug known as Prednisone.  Unfortunately, I have to keep taking it or I could have severe health consequences. 

When I had this surgery, my doctor said he "wasn't sure" how I'd do with my weight loss.  He was confident I'd lose "some" but not A LOT.  I set out to prove him wrong.  I have never exceeded 800 calories a day and I have been hitting the gym on a regular basis.  Have I gotten my protein in every day?  No.  But I do the best I can. 

So far at 3 months I haven't had any substantial hair loss and I'm praying to God it stays that way.  Overall I feel good.  I know I'm a lot healthier.  I don't crave food - although Diet Coke is another story...I yearn for it daily.  Even though I'm clearly not going to be the VSG poster child, I am happy I had the surgery.  It was worth it!


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