Friday - day 16

Jul 09, 2010

Ok so it's day 16 and I'm going stir crazy. Now that I'm feeling a little better I want to clean and cook and go places and ummm well you can't!!! it's still hard bending down to get the close out of the dryer, you still aren't supposed to lift more than 10 lbs at a time, cooking is hard because you can't have it! and cleaning well, you just get so tired so fast. So I do little things like the counters, and load the laundry and fold. I don't go anywhere to far. Maybe Target or Wallmart and then have to come home and lay down or nap.

My post op appointment is on Monday so I can't wait to see what happens. Am excited and nervous. I'm sure they are going to weigh me and I'm a little scared, I don't even know why. I know I've lost because things fit me different but I know it's nothing really significant. i have such a long way to go. It's hard not to look at where you need to be, but I know that i have to focus on short term goals.

Eating is better. I mean, I don't really eat but I can drink my protein shake (30gm), I can eat an egg white (9gm), and I can eat cheese (most are 9 gm) but still not enough.....It's hard still to get my water in. Not doing good in that area and my back is killing me. not sure if it's my kidneys from dehydration or soreness from lying around. I'll have to talk to the doctor about that on Monday.

thank you for those of you that have left comments on my posts or emailed me with encouraging words or stories. It's been really helpful!!

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