Monday, July 19th

Jul 19, 2010

I can't beleive in 4 more days it will be a whole month already since my surgery. I'm ALMOST feeling 100% again. After my visit to the doctor I was told I can't get in the water yet for another 3 weeks so that bummed me out since I have a pool. I was hoping since I really don't have the energy to walk a whole lot and it's been so darn HOT here that I could get some excercize in but swimming or at least walking in the pool but she said no. I guess my incissions are still not completely sealed, not sure. I should have asked!
On the 24th she said I can start on soft foods/pureed foods like cottage cheese, tofu and deli meats. I can't wait!!! I don't like cottage cheese or tofu very much but it's better than my alternative which is "nothing" water! I can have creamed soups right now, just not potatoe or celary. I tried it but it's not satisfying at all and very little protein. I'm pretty much living off sugar free popsicles right now and water. it's very boring!!!!!!!!!! I try to keep busy but it's not easy when you have no energy or the stuff you want to do you can't yet.
Trying to stay positive and looking forward to it getting easier....


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