It's been a long time...

Apr 07, 2010

I've been bad about writing in my blog.  Sorry.

I was 281 lbs when I had my surgery on April 28th of 2008.  I'm now down to 148 (size 6).  People say that I look taller than I did when I was heavier.  I'm 5'11", and I always wear heels, so that puts me over 6 feet tall.

I feel good about the way I look now, but believe me, it took over a year for me to realize that I didn't need to go to the plus size section of the clothing stores.  I just naturally navigated my way over to that section, because I was so used to shopping there.  I look at my clothes even now and, I can really fit into that?  I remember when I couldn't even fit my leg into the size pants I wear now.  I went from wearing a 3X (size 28) to now wearing a S (size 6).  How amazing is that?

The only thing I need to do now is plastic surgery to remove all the excess skin that my lovely body shapers hides. (ladies...bodyshapers really work).  I like my arms, they don't need to be done, but my stomach, and inner they look a monster.  Everytime I walk it's like hanging jello.  The bodyshaper really keeps all the excess skin in place. Thank goodness for them.

As I continue my journey, I am starting to feel more confident, and aware of myself and how I look/feel.  I used to hate myself, didn't care what I wore, didn't care what I was eating, didn't really care about anything at all. 

Now, I realize that I was living such an unhealthy life.  I had diabetes, and high blood pressure.  I almost lost my sight because of my diabetes.  Now, I watch what I eat, and no longer have diabetes/high blood pressure.  I stopped taking my meds for them the day of my surgery in 2008.  I've been checked many times since then at my drs appts, and I'm quite healthy.  GOD is good...all the time!

So, I leave you with this...don't give up on your weight loss.  I plateaued for about 9 months in 2009, where I wasn't losing/gaining any weight, and that was depressing, but that soon passed, and the weight started coming off again. 

Watch your carbs, and all the other stuff that made you gain the weight in the first place.  Continue to exercise, even if it's a brisk walk...just keep moving.  Watch your snacking...make sure if you are snacking between your 3 meals...that the snacks are fruit or veggies.  I love to veg out on celery sticks or carrot sicks, or even nectarines or plums. Yummy!

Watch what you put in your mouth, watch the times of the day that you eat...don't eat after 8pm.  Feel good about yourself everyday!

Good Luck...and until next time...GOD bless!


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