Week 25

May 15, 2011

Well I am almost 6 months out and I am still feeling and doing great. I get most of my protien through food but every once in a while I drink a protien shake. I found some D3 chewable tabs that are really good I just wish they made calcium that tasted that good. I had 2 wisdom teeth pulled last week on one side of my mouth and 3 fillings done and this week I am going to get the other side of my wisdom teeth done and one filling. I was suppose to have a crown done but for now that is just too expensive so it will ahve to wait. I had a wow moment though. I thought I was in a stall and wasnt losing anything and I went into the store and my husband had to wait for me outside and was going to pick me up at the door and I waited and noone came. I looked around but there were too many cars that looked like mine so I just waited and then he finally came. He said he did not recognize me and that is why he did not come. He kept looking and finally he seen it was me. I asked him if it was because I had lost wieght in general that he did not notice it was me or just a recent weight loss. He said recent weight loss because it had gotten use to the other weight loss. That made me feel so good. Then I weighed today and I am back on track with losing. I only lost 3 pounds but I weighed in late last week so I am not too worried. I need to get back to the gym and start my routine again. Well Thats all for now I will post again next week.

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