Ive been the big girl all my life, Always healthy until 2008 diagnosed with diabetes and a pe, dvt. 

I attempted wls back in 2004, i researched it with my friend yet backed out scared of the risks, implanted in my head from negative people. My friend got it and is doing well. She lost alot of weight and is healthy now. 

Put it like this im sick and tired of being sick and tired.. Umm last summer July 2014 I had a rapid heartbeat and was diagnosed with Aflutter. Dont know why. I really think all my insulins aggravated that. Ive been taking meds for it but I got a heart ablation in March 30 2015. 2 weeks later had the rapid heartbeat again and was admitted they had to do a cardioversion which was so scary!!! So far so good with meds it controlled now.

I got thrown off alot and fell off track.. Started having severe left leg pain was diagnosed with athritis.. Continued with going to drs and getting clearances and letting time to pass some of them expire. I picked up started going to drs and doing my weigh ins for a long time finally very close to finishing my clearances. Im hoping for a insurance approvalso that i can finally be on my way to being healthy! I really think my life will change. I want to be healthy i want to live for my children and grand children whom i love so very much. 

Will try my best to keep posting with all i go through.



Hey guys! Had my sleeve on 2/21/17 lost about 110 lbs, developed horrible GERD/ ACID, regained 30 lbs ..Went to my new surgeon after inital surgeon was taking me thru the runaround. Got approved for revision to bypass in august after clearances.. My upcoming surgery is 10/7/19 Im nervous all over again! But I know its for the best and for me to get as healthy as I can. Will keep you posted as much as  can! HW 307  LW 188 CW 220 GW 168


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