2020 Fall Pandemic

Oct 29, 2020

Hello Friends and Curious Readers.

Hope everyone is doing well dispite the current situation. To update on my journey, Im 187 lbs. I go up and down 5 lbs. I think my body is comfortable at this weight. I know to lose a few more lbs id have to work hard. My Gerd and hiatel hernia is gone. My diabetes is gone, except for the lowsugars i experience once in awhile. Ive been told to eat more complex carbs. which im trying out now. my overallhealth is much better. Im greatful for what i have lost and keep off Once in awhile i still get naseous enough to vomit, my stomach has a mind of its on it seems. I have alot of fat/skin on my stomach thinking about possibilities with that. although I dont want any more surgeries we shall see.  Im soo glad ive went through this journey I hope anyone looking into it has the best of luck!

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