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Aug 13, 2019

Hello Friends! Hope Summer is treating well. Ive been on a depression ride. My Gerd is horrible, even with meds nothing works. My weight is 220lbs. So i have had some regain. I went thru alot of anxiety to have a EGD- which came back ok but showing my hiatel hernia. My surgeon is very hesitant to even talk about revision. Im getting frustrated with having any more meds. I cannot take meds for the rest of my life. Anyways so i decided to go and get a second opinion. Met with another surgeon he seemed very nice and understanding. He evaluated my case and said yes to revision. So im currently waiting for insurance approval or the criteria in what i need to do. Or which clearances I will need. Everyday has been a struggle and worry for me. Im hoping everything goes well and im back on the right track with my health. Having bad GERD effects everything so getting that under control plus hopefully losing a few more lbs will be a bonus. I will keep you posted, enjoy the rest of your Summer!

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