Not so bad

Mar 06, 2011

Ok, so I bit the bullet Feb. 22nd and went with the RNY.    Would have loved to have the DS but several factors kept working against that.  I'm doing well..... so far.  No aches, pains, I have been able to tolerate EVERYTHING.  I've even dined out TWICE in less than 2 weeks post -op  (Cheesecake factory & P.F changs).   I just had soup at both.  I'm 18 pounds down in 12 days.  Not bad. 
Mom who had her RNY 5 years ago has been helping out.   She and I are like twins in many ways.   She has done GREAt so far.  She went from 290 to 140 and has only gained 5 pounds.  I've been watching what she eats (everything I loved pre-surgery),  small portions.  No deprivation.
We'll see.   I'm sure that i'll do well with this surgery. 


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