3 Month Surgiversary

May 21, 2011

Today is my 3 month surgiversary and things are going well praise GOD.  I am eating well.....protein protein protein.   I have no desire to eat the types of things that contributed to my weight  gain. 
The last three months has been a rollercoaster in terms of the "numbers".  Today, I weigh 210.  Down from 269.  I suppose this is good progress.  I was hoping for more......don't know if that's realistic.   I'm wearing a size 14 down from a 22 WIDE.  I've set a pretty low goal for my weight 135, so I still feel as though I have a VERY long way to go.   It's a daunting task but i'm just going to do my part to a T and trust in the process.  I'm determined to reach my goal weight because living in the body that i've lived in for the past 5 years has been hell.  I NEVER want to be overweight again!  
Overall, progress has been great.  I look %100 better and am getting those ooh and aah stares that I got nearly every day of my life prior to putting on the weight.
I love to shop but as it is, I have several dresses that I bought early out that I can't fit and never will (size 16's & 18's).   I will resume shopping when I get to about 180 pounds. 
This post sounds a wee bit shallow but so much of myself and image has been caught up in this enormous number for the past 5 years and I want to see the woman that I was prior to the excess weight soo badly.  I will.  This i'm positive of.

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