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Surgery date set!!!! - Changed from DS to RNY because of BCBS-NC (State Health Plan)!!!  I have my surgery date set as June &, 2011 and I am sure there will be no problem with approval.  That is exactly ...

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Surgery Date Scheduled for 06.07.11 - My name is Zan and I have been preparing for surgery since the end of February and I had my initial consult on 04.18.11.  Well,  initially I wanted to have DS...  My BMI is 45 so I...

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Piece by piece... - Well, it seems the Disability Insurance with Supplemental Medical Rider, I have had since 2008 will provide some benefit when I have surgery.  Can't say it will pay me,  because I ...

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Consult done.... - Well, I had my consult today.  Got my bloodwork done, met with Dr. Applegate for psych consult, met with dietician (Liz), and met Dr. Sudan and his staff, Nurse Sheila Peeler and N...

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You look great and have every reason to post your pictures on your...

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Initial consult slowly approaching... - I am ready for my initial consult with Dr. Sudan.  I was concerned I would have to go through an appeal because I want to have DS and my BMI is 44/45.  Reading yesterday online it ...

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Continue to read and explore others information and experiences regarding WLS.

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Guess things have changed at Duke... - I received a letter from BCBSNC regarding approval for my psych/mental health appointments at Duke.  Not sure they will cover all of it just based on past history.  It was nice to ...

Lifztooshort wrote a blog post 9 years, 2 months ago
News!!!! Finally got the 1st call.... - I finally got a call from Duke today and have my New Patient Evaluation and Psychologist Appointment on 04.18.11.  I am debating having my primary care doc do the necessary tests s...
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