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Not sure what to say, just now, that I will be breastless on 1/22/19. And although I had surgeries in my right breast before, how the H is it in my left now?

I am not dealing well with this at all, I feel like my brain is scrambled!!!

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Seem to hit 500 cal without a prob, but when I hit 600, sodium levels seem to go thru the roof. Trying to keep less than 1500mg of sodium but not able to. Tend to sit around 2100.

Pls let me know if you have any ideas on reducing sodium whil

Jenni B. posted a discussion topic 12 months ago

Can anyone please take a moment to explain why I cannot seem to locate the My OH page?

Many thxs!

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Journal, Track foods, make conscious decisions to eat the appropriate foods and amounts, just starting over with positive affirmations!
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