Any options for 800cal, low fat, low carb, high protein with low sodium--trying to keep below...

Jenni B.
on 11/17/18 5:59 pm - Las Vegas, NV

Seem to hit 500 cal without a prob, but when I hit 600, sodium levels seem to go thru the roof. Trying to keep less than 1500mg of sodium but not able to. Tend to sit around 2100.

Pls let me know if you have any ideas on reducing sodium while still keeping protein high, and fat and carbs low.



Jenni B.
on 11/24/18 8:07 am - Las Vegas, NV

Made some food modifications, and seem to finally have my sodium in check.


on 12/22/18 11:55 pm

you only have 3 macros to work with-fat-carbs-protein.

If BOTH carbs and fats are low then protein will be way too high. 46gr it average best for women, per, some women lifters go to 90 gr, over that is going to add to conversion to sugar and stored as fat because the body can't use it fast enough, which you dont want.

eating only lean protein is going to be too low in fat, and your body needs fat more than carbs.

20% carbs, 20% fats, with protein at 60% may work, you'd be eating only lean chicken to stay within 500 calories.

is this a regular super low calorie diet? or after bariatric surgery?

on 9/18/19 7:29 am, edited 9/19/19 8:50 pm

Thank you a lot for the great thread here! I think that the most important part of any diet is taking all the necessary supplements and vitamins. I recommend that you have a look at the service called Canadian Pharmacy for some more info about it. Good luck, hope I was helpful here ;)

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