Very Eventful Weekend

Jun 11, 2011

This weekend has changed everything...I am scheduled for RNY at NYU on the 20th of this month. Well, I have decided after even more research and thought, that I will be having the VSG instead...

   I began this journey with the thinking that my choice was between the band or RNY. I was against having VSG. Of course, the band went out the window when I discovered the complication rate and rate of needing futher surgeries. I could not picture myself having a foreign device in my body for the next 50+ years since I am only 21 years old now.

   After more consideration, there are many issues that come up with VSG vs. RNY...especially since I am so young. I can not picture myself having to turn down fatty or sweet foods for the rest of my life. I love sweet fruits and I know I will have to treat myself to a fatty snack once in a long while. I can not handle having my digestive tract never normal again for the rest of my life. I know, I know, the RNY CAN be reversed. However, there are certain situations where surgeons will not take the very high risk to do so...

   With any surgery, you must go in thinking that this is how your stomach will be for the rest of your life. Going in thinking of being able to have it reversed is unhealthy and unrealistic in many cases.

   I have heard many stories of people with higher BMI's than mine who do just fantastic with having the Sleeve as a one stage operation. I found several studies which show that the Sleeve has a just as good and in some cases, even better weightloss than the RNY. The main problem is people getting impatient and wanting the drastic weight change in a shorter period of time. If I stick with the sleeve and follow on a good diet and exercise regimen, I know I can be another success story =) And hey, if I don't do well, I can have it changed to a different surgery, such as DS!! =)

  Thanks for reading and any feedback or advice you have will be greatly appreciated.

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