Jun 04, 2008

I finally broke my plattue. (sp?)  I have been stuck at the same weight for 2+ weeks.  Today I was down at least 3 lbs. (maybe 4-you never know with my scale)   I have always lost weight that way.  I will stay the same for a long time and then suddenly I am down 4-5 lbs.  It is annoying but in the end in balances out to the same rate of loss as if I lost a little each week. 

I had my first fill 2 days ago.  I am just starting on mushies so I don't really know if I have restriction. (I don't really know what it feels like to have restriction)  I do know that even before my fill my band let me know it was there a few times when I ate/drank something too fast or had too much.    I am really rarely hungry and find that when I do 'want' to eat it is more because something looks good than because my stomach tells me I need to eat. 

I need to start exercising more.  We are in the process of rearranging furniture in our house so my treadmill is not accessible right now.  Something I intend to fix tonight!

I have lost a total of 35-36 lbs counting my 24lbs lost before surgery.  My clothes are starting to get quite loose and I'm loving the difference I have seen in my energy level even with this small amount of weight loss.

Onward and Forward!!!

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