Apr 21, 2013

Lost 100 pounds at 6 months post op.  I am also in a size 12 from a 22 feels great!


things are looking up or down according to scale

Jan 05, 2013

-zipped a size 16 even felt a little loose!

-donated bags of clothes size 20-22 need to donate 18's but need to go shopping first

-went to water park and wasn't winded going up stairs (my swimsuit was to big and grabbed shorts in a size L from target)

-went from weighing 305 to 240 and it's only been 2 1/2 months!

-don't really crave food any more




Surgery Date

Sep 14, 2012

My date is October 15th!!!!! I have various app. coming up and will have to be on  a 2 week liquid diet.  I think I'm ready, I hope I'm ready.

half way closer to surgery

Apr 04, 2012

Saw head doctor on Monday seemed OK I guess.  He ask a lot of question on why I wanted surgery, will I have support so on.
Test was long and boring on computer.  I understand if your not mentally ready you shouldn't have surgery,  But one of the questions was do you hear voices in your head (lol).  The most profound question was why do I think I'm fat?
I didn't have a simple answer pregnancy, pcos, in active life style, genes, cursed, bad eatting habits all of the above :/

I have 3 more app. with nutritionist and meeting with surgeon once before?



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