Ihor Fedorak

"first impression of doctor fedorak, was he's short!rnonce i was face to face with him, i just knew.rnvery friendly-dedicated-caring-focus on you.rnum-wanted to talk longer.he is very thourough in his discussions.rnwell from what i know, i like.and he is the one i have chosen for my surgery.maybe that i will be a reflection of his work.rnalot. that is why i got my computer, so i will always have contact with them.rnyes.rnlets just say he got his point across! no he was very thouroughrnvery kind-intelligent-compasionate.patient.committed. i liked him.rni think they both are important. being able to find someone you read about, and meet, and rnputting your life in their hands--well i guess hernspeaks for himself.rnrnno-im sorry i dont have any ill feelings of where i am going,and who i will be with. well i think it is time dr. fedorak puts his most-wanted picture in his box! you have so many of us who just have the utmost respect for you. your a great surgeon, a fantasic people-person. i am so glad i chose you, i knew i would be in good hands...there are not enough ways for us all to say thank you, and your staff for all you've done for us.. you should be proud, and smiling, you do have top reviews, and that my friend may happen once in a lifetime.. i would like to share the poem to you all, i wrote for him, and gave.rnyou deserve so much more. there is no price-tag on anyones life...if you would like to read; go to kim crain@obesity help.com "

Penrose- St. Francis Weight Loss Surgery Institute

"i personally give Penrose-St.Francis a five star. excellent care, excellent care-givers. just a wholesome awesome hospital. thanks "
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