Two Days until Clear Liquids...5 days until Surgery

May 25, 2016

Man oh Man....these days are going so slowly.  It is like my world has stopped I am self-employed so I stopped working because I kept forgetting client appointments.  SO now my days are filled with You Tube and books about life after surgery.  

I think I am going to spend this Memorial Day weekend forgetting that I am having surgery and just living life just as I am...or at least until I start clear liquids.  My pre-op diet has been alright.  I am experimenting with shakes and some are really good.  I have learned that the longer you blend them the thicker they get...hmmmm, becoming a blending Queen.  And boy do I love the salad at night...something to chew.  (Might have eaten a bit too much salad tonight...Giving up that glutton feeling is hard.  I know that sounds sad but something about stuffing is one of my mental issues...I guess unconsciously I have used food to stuff emotions.   I cannot imagine what it is going to be like after surgery when there is no such thing as stuffing unless you want serious side effects. 

Anyways, feel like I am living in a bubble just waiting to get on the plane to surgery in Mexico...If anyone used A Lighter Me would love to hear from you...Mexico or bust!



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