Cayuga Medical Center

"The staff is very attentative and informed. My only poor experience was that I was not served the lunch the NUT order, even though I had asked for it."

John Mecenas

"Hmmm, my first impression of Dr. M was that he's young. My age. Despite that he seemed very knowledgeable and more importantly he impressed upon me that he's not doing the surgery just because. Dr. M did not seem like most surgeons. He was only going to do the surgery if it was really necessary and provided I understood it's a tool not a solution. I was looking for a comprehensive approach to WLS and Dr. M's approach is certainly that. I felt I could talk to him even though he did not make me feel like he was warm, open and approachable; just very compentent and clinical. At this stage from my experience I'd have to say his surgical/medical competence is excellent. Beside manner cool and clincial has been my experience with him. rnHis office staff and other team players in general have been nice, helpful and approachable with the exception of Rhonda whom everything seems to go through. I don't know if its that she's pressured, rushed, stressed or if it's just her personality but she has generally been very curt with me and has shown me a of lack basic courtesy. However, I do not think any of this should detract from the excellence of Dr. M's skills, knowledge or team approach to WLS. It's one of the very few I've found that is comprehensive with a strong focus on aftercare."
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