Last meeting w/ Dr. Sandor before surgery...hopefully =)

Jan 03, 2011

I'm almost there...after a dissapointing apointment cancellation last week due to the snow storm, I have an appointment tomorrow morning- and hopefully in time to get everything approved and in line by the orignal January 25th surgery date.  I am down to 20lbs less than when I began in October (atleast 5 lbs gained from quitting smoking cigarettes to bring me to 289).  I'm looking forward to sharing my own experience.  I have read a lot of facebook/OH posts from friends of mine who have had the surgery and they vary so much...  I hope to have the strength and courage to get thru the rest of the pre-surgery process, and handle the post surgery process in the same way!  I think it has a lot to do with being strong mentally, and knowing that it will all be worth it in the end....I want 10 extra years of life...and to be healthy enough to have kids someday and live life to the fullest with them, as they deserve.  I want to feel better about myself (and I'm not just talking looks- I mean being able to breath lol) and Dammit I DESERVE it!  So here I go folks...I will be strong and lead so that others after me will also have the strength (and knowledge from Mine and others experiences) to make the decision to LIVE.


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