3 years out and counting!

Apr 16, 2010

 I can't believe I forgot my 3 year surgiversary.  It just goes to prove that life does, indeed, go on, and some day you too won't be obsessed with OH and weight in general.  This is a new reality for me and believe me, I never want to have it end.  Fortunately since the VSG has no mal-absorptive components, there isn't that problem long term where the body compensates and the person, though eating the same amount, starts to gain weight.  I've also become an avid Yogini, which I think I can really credit with my weight maintenance.  

I don't log my food any more, but have been considering doing it for a week to actually make sure I'm getting enough.  My weight has leveled off, but bounces naturally through out the month and my hormonal fluctuations from 114-119 (@ 5'1").  I'm good with that.  Funny thing is that that few pounds actually makes a difference in some of my clothes.  Before I'd have to lose 25 pounds to go down a size, but at this weight such a small amount makes a big difference.  The nice part about that is that additional pounds become very obvious very fast, which is a good reality check.

I can't believe I'm saying this, and this is the first time I've said this 'out loud', but I'm thinking of having a breast lift.  They're just so sad.  They look OK in clothes because the Miracle Bra truly does create miracles (just sayin') but I don't like what they've become.  They've been slowly losing volume since this whole thing began.  I was at a 40DD+ when I began this journey and now I'm about a 33B+.  Of course they don't make bras that size, but if they did that would be MINE.  Needless to say there is some unnecessary skin present in this area.  I have dreams of these perky little boobies that I don't even have to wear a bra with, like in tank tops and sun dresses.  I also wonder if they could pull in any of that under arm/side torso skin in process?  

See, I'm already making plans.  BAD GIRL.

Anyway, I really don't have much to say other that, lovin' it!  
My VSG gave me back my life.


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