I weigh less than 200 lbs

Apr 05, 2009

Today I got on the scale...and my weight, for the first time since I was 20 years old, is under 200 lbs.
I knew coming into this process that my life would change; one day I would wake up and the reflection in the mirror would not be the same one that I used to turn away from with embarrassment.
I didn't however, plan for the milestones that would happen in between surgery and goal - the weight I was the day of my accident in 2004, only having double digit pounds to lose, and the list continues...
I remember the day I realized I was over 200 lbs - I cried for hours and the self-loathing grew even deeper.
Now here I am, and I can't even process the joy within me.
Now is the time for me to focus on the other milestones I will get to experience through this journey - in 3 lbs I will be half way to goal, then more than half way...so many little steps, all building to one amazing goal.
Here's to 196 lbs - and fulfilling the promise to my 20 year old self that I would one day be less than 200 lbs


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