Apr 06, 2009

My goal was always to reach a normal BMI.  That would have been 135 pounds.  Now at 4, yes 4 years out, and 202 pounds lost I am calling 142 goal with a BMI of 25.8.  I look good and feel good.  I wear an 8-10 petite on the bottom and a 12 petite jacket.  I started out in a tight size 34. 

I know if I had been more diligent I could have reached goal faster.  I am satisfied with how I did.

I was in intensive therapy before WLS.  It enabled me to be mentally healthy enough to even have the surgery.  I didn't need much more than tweaking as I went a long.

I tried not to take myself too seriously during my journey.  Read my earlier entries.

I went to local support groups in the beginning.  I had a WLS mentor.

Life is easier now, because I am more mobile.  Not including my plastic surgery I have been hospitalized several times for non WLS surgeries or illnesses.  It was so much more managable thinner.  My sleep apnea and diabetes are in remission.

I am so much more at ease in social situations and I have always been out going.  I feel more mature and lady like.

I tried to remember that we are all different and are walking a different journey.  That we walk at a different pace.  I try to remember that I have not walked a block in your shoes, let alone a mile.

I don't reach out to help others as much as I should.  I don't fortify myself from others as much as I should.  I come on too strong.  But everyday I try a little harder to grow.  I never give up.  Thanks to each and everyone of you.  This community is all that.  Loris


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