Bon Secours St. Mary's Hospital (COE)

"I was in for open RNY 3/30 to 4/2 and thought the nurses and nursing care could have been a little more smooth around the edges. Nurses were very attentive to pain. When I was on the same floor for blood clots in my leg 4/22 to 4/26 the nurses were delightful! My attitude wasn't different as far as I could tell. On my second visit dietary did not have it together with the gastric bypass diet! During both stays I had to watch my medications because the pharmacy almost always sent down at least one wrong pill. "

Neil Hutcher

"I first met Dr. Hutcher at a local WLS seminar. I was struck by his dedication to his patients, his record of preforming many surgeries and his sense of humor. He is a real patient advocate for fair treament by insurance companies, but I of course was impressed with the 3500+ weight loss surgeries he has preformed and the fact that he is very up to date in his procedures. Also, he requires smokers to quit and explained that smokers have a much higher risk of certain complications. What an incentive. I am still very impressed after my initial consultation. The have an extensive pre and post-op program which I will be involved in once I get my surgery date."
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