I was not a fat kid growing up, actually I was pretty skinny.  However after a failed and miserable marriage, 3 beautiful but big children ( one weighted 10'1 at birth), working shiftwork and any number of other things I ballooned up to 287.  I also herniated 3 disks in my T- Spine which didn't help either. I wasn't exersizing so I gained more weight and that made my back worse which made me exercise even less.  It was a very viscious cycle and the surgery for my back was actually more dangerous that Gastric Bypass.  Although my back really isn't that much better I definately feel much better- I can do so many more things now, but I have to watch myself and not go over board.  I WOULD DO THIS SURGERY AGAIN IN AN INSTANT!  It hurts in the beginning and it is very hard to get used to eating so little-  But it is worth every second. 

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