I could mess anything up6/19/09

Jun 19, 2009

I can remember thinking that if I knew for sure that this surgery would work I would do what I am supposed to and I would never gain the weight back.  As it is slowly coming back I just can't seem to keep on track.  As I am sitting here complaining about my weight gain I am eating my second piece of pizza while I drink a soda.  Does it take a rocket scientist to figure it out, but yet I can't stop.  And you can tell by my ass that I am out of control.  I walk pretty much every day, but that obviously is not enough.  No I am not gat again, but I would be willing to bet in 2 years I will be close to 200 pounds again.

I am trying to get to a meeting, but it is a fight to get any time alone.  There really aren't many people left on the messageboard for 9/2005 so I kind of feel like I am all alone.  I am not sure anyone who has not gone through ths surgery could understand what I have always said about this great gift that I have been given, and then to thouroughly mess it up just really makes me very very sad. 


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