May 2006- Talked to my PCP and he said he would give me a referral. I Just got back from Vegas and I received a call from my PCP office. Michelle, my favorite person, at the Dr. office gave me Dr. Krahns name and phone number. I called and was informed about the information seminar.

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June 13- Went to Dr. Krahns WLS seminar at St. Bernardines, He seemed really nice and very caring. I couldn't wait to get my info packet and fill it out. Hand delievered it to Dr. Krahns office on June 16. Waiting for his office to schedule my first appt.
I originally wanted to have the Lap-Band, I thought the down time would be less and it was a less scary surgery. I posted on this message board and only one person, LaTanya, responded to me. She was immediately e-mailing me with answers to my many questions. I was so grateful and could feel her passion for her surgery and Dr. Krahn. Thanks for the warm welcome, LaTanya!!!

August- I've had my psych eval, upper GI, gallbladder US and chest x-ray all done. My appt. with the GI Dr. is tomorrow, the 29th and my pcp doc is on Thursday. I guess I'm pretty much done with the pre-op stuff. I talked to Dr. Krahns office and I just need the releases and hopefully I'll be close to getting approval.

Sept 1- All my paperwork is done and being sent in for approval. As the time gets near, I'm starting to feel nervous, my stomach is turning and twisting. Pretty normal, I'm sure. I try to imagine myself small, it's kinda scary, it's been SO long since I was at a normal weight. My Dr. is still expecting me to drink 2 protein shakes and eat one meal consisting of 4-6 oz of meat and a green vegetable daily. I want a lap RNY and he tells me to lose as much weight as possible. I'm trying different types of protein hoping I'll find the perfect one. My family is getting excited for me, I'm sure my enthusiasm is rubbing off on them LOL.

Sept 11- I'm APPROVED!!!!!!!!!!!! WOOHOO. I have my pre-op class Sept 15 and then I get my date.......

Sept 15- I've got a date!!!!!!!!!! October 20, 5 weeks from now. Ok now I'm getting excited. I thank everyone on OH Cali boards who have embraced and supported me. Sassy Gal.... I can't wait to meet you and Steve my surgery brother..........I'm off for now gotta go drink my protein shake LOL. The pre-op diet is just WONDERFUL!!

Oct 10- My pre-op appt at Dr. Krahns office went well. I lost 2lbs and my surgery date was moved up to Oct 18. I was so happy!! 2 days sooner to start my new life.WOOHOO
I finished my pre-op at St Bernardines. I had tons of blood taken, an EKG and chest x-ray. I had to pre register and was given all my day before and day of surgery instructions. The nurse gave me 2 anti-bacterial scrubs for the night before surgery and the morning of. I feel surprisingly calm. I guess I'm ready.....
Oct 14- My last day of work for 3 weeks. I made sure I got my pedicure (grin) and all my other hair products I may need. I'm being very optimistic that I will wanna get up and do the make-up and hair thing ...
Oct 15- Only 3 more days!!!! I think I'm prepared. I do have to go get some more protein powder tho. I've got my prescriptions filled for Pepcid, Potassium and liquid Vicodin. I'm stocked up on
vitamins, iron and calcium.My bag is kinda packed. I've updated my Ipod and got some new trashy magazines.I'm starting to get anxious like I want it to hurry up and get there, get my surgery and get home and start losing..........
Oct 26-Well I had my surgery on Oct 18. It all went fine and I was in very little pain. it was a great experience and St. Bernardines was the best. After surgery when I was back in my room my family all came and sat with me while I dozed on and off. The drugs you get are awesome!!! I love Morphine!!!!!!!! LOL. The next day(Thursday) I started my liquid diet. Surgery day I got ice chips and boy were they appreciated considering the DRY DRY mouth. My liquid consisted of broth, hot tea and diet Snapple 3 times a day. Thursday I was feeling pretty good. The gas pains were medium bad, not too painful. I was up and walking on my surgery day but on Thursday after my catheter was removed I felt more like hittin those halls!!
On Friday I got up and had my I.V. taken out . I hate those damn things... I took a shower and washed my hair and felt almost back to normal. The PA came in and ordered bloodwork and checked me out and asked if i wanted to go home today. Yup!!! I was ready!!!The blood work was fine so I was released that evening. All in all I thought it would be so much more painful. I feel good and go back to Dr Krahn on Oct 31 to get my drain out. That was probably the worst... the drain. My incisions are healing and starting to get itchy, and the bruising is fading. I'm on the mend...

Nov 7- I went to my 1 month check up. I'm feeling good but still a little tired. I've lost 31.5 lbs !!! Yay!!! I start back at work tomorrow, so hopefully my day will be a light one.
 Jan 16- It's been a while since I've updated my profile, so here goes.
I just passed my 3 month post-op and I'm down 60 lbs. I feel great and I'm so glad I had surgery. Sometimes I do have a throwing up problem but it's either that I don't chew enough or I eat too fast. I'm eating mostly protein and still can't eat white meat chicken or beef. Cottage cheese and protein shakes are my best friends!! Mentally I'm still trying to get my head hunger to match my lack of pouch hunger. It's a daily thing, not wanting to eat sweets and junky carbs but I'm winning the battle.
Feb 27-I'm a little past 4 months out and I'm down 76 lbs. I feel good and I've been getting most of my protein and water in.Tonight I went to the support group meeting and was so glad I did. The topic really spoke to me and made me realize I need to continue going. My BMI is down from 57.3 to 46.3...........WOOHOO March 15- Today I wasn't feeling well. Dizzy and very light-headed. I went to see Dr Krahn and I saw his PA, Brian. He thinks I could be hypoglycemic or in ketosis. I got a grip of blood taken, so we'll see whats going on there. I'm at 5 months out and down 83 lbs. April 17- I'm 6 months out and feeling good. All my labs came back good and I'm down 93lbs.
July 18 2007- I've been doing good and feeling great. My 9 month post-op weigh in... I'm down 120 lbs. Wahoo!! 
 Oct. 4, 2007--- Today was my 1 year post-op checkup.All my labs came back great and my blood pressure is perfect. I'm down 138 lbs and still losing. I've been having problems with throwing up after  I eat. The food gets stuck and the pain is crazy bad. I was put on more meds to help with the eating. I have problems when I eat firm proteins like white meat chicken and some beef. I need to eat slower and chew chew chew!! If things don't get better the Dr wants to scope me to make sure I don't have any problems. All in all things are WONDERFUL and I'm so thankful for this surgery.
 Jan. 1 2008- Happy New Year to all !!!  I'm down 158 lbs and am feeling great. I have tons of energy and love life. I've decided to give up meat, I just have a hard time keeping it down. I still try and do seafood and it's agreeing with me so far. I still want to lose 50 more pounds and Iam getting a personal trainer this month to help me get them off.. I still hate to exercise but I keep hoping I'll learn to love it!! LOL..
 Sept 12, 2008- I'm doing well the weight is still coming off.. Still off meat with the exception of some seafoods. My weight loss is at 182 lbs lost since surgery and 204 lbs down from my highest. My life is wonderful and I feel awesome. I've joined Weight Watchers   and it has helped me get past these long plateaus of not losing weight just bouncing back and forth with the same 10 lbs..My 2 year anniversary is just around the corner, so I'll be checking in with those stats!

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