VeeLove 17 years, 9 months ago

Hey Mel, So happy that you are well..... I've been thinking about you and hoping that all went well, I knew that it would.... you are incredible, posting only after a few days of having the surgery and letting us know how you're doing. I am still going through the testing and hope to have the Lap Band Surgery before the end of this year. Sorry I can't provide much experience, but I am here if you need to talk / vent but based on what I've read on this website from others who've had WLS, overall, everyone has given great feeback and quite frankly don't regret having the surgery. CONGRATULATIONS and please keep posting to let us know how you are doing..... I am so happy for you and hope to be joining you on the losing side really soon :) Take care & I'll talk to you soon. Vee

* Cindee * 17 years, 9 months ago

Just dropping in to let you know that I am praying for your safe surgery and speedy recovery. Your journey is just beginning, I wish you the best one ever!!

H G 17 years, 9 months ago

Best wishes for a safe and uneventful surgery and recovery. Tomorrow is the first day of your new and healthier life.

VeeLove 17 years, 9 months ago

Hey Mel, I got your response to my post the other day; thanks for offering to help. If I have any questions, I will definitely post or email you. I am so EXCITED for you.... one more day and you will be on the losing side :) My prayers are with you!!!!! I went to the cardiologist today and my pressure is up so he gave me new medication and I have to go back next week and have some additional tests done... you were so right that this process takes time but I am not giving up because I started my research over 3 years ago and had started the testing but stopped because my insurance didn't cover the lap band... anyway, I am at it again and God willing, I will have the surgery before the end of this year. After your surgery, when you feel up to it, please let me know how you are doing. Go Mel, Go Mel, Go Mel!!!!!!!!!! Talk to you soon. Vee Love

VeeLove 17 years, 9 months ago

Hi Melissa, Congratulations on your approval. I have Healthcare Partners (HIP Prime) too and going through all the testing right now and hope to receive my approval before the end of the year. I hope to have the Lap Band surgery, which surgery are you going to have? Good luck and I will look for your post after you have your WLS; however, I'll also check in to see if you have posted comments before your surgery date. Good luck! BTW I live in NY too.... Staten Island. Hope to talk to you soon. Vee Williams

dumplings1964 17 years, 9 months ago

Just a note of Blessings. Wishing you well on your upcoming surgery.

QUEENGEE 17 years, 9 months ago

Congrats mamacita my pravers will be with you and I will see you on the losers bench with Jamie by my side but try not to be jealous your prince will come soon too.

miekandkhismom 17 years, 9 months ago

Good Luck Melissa. I am from Brooklyn. Ralph and Fulton In Arkansas now but with you in spirit. I am on the 7th wishing you the best.

kwheen tee 17 years, 9 months ago

Congratulations on your upcoming surgery. My prayers will be with you for a successful, uncomplicated surgery. Aslo wishing you a wonderful reovery period.

Kelly Jo W. 17 years, 9 months ago

Best of luck on your surgery! I hope your recovery is swift and uneventful!
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