I had RNY in 2000 and was very successful.  I lost approximately 220 pounds.  Due to a car accident I stopped exercising and have been unable to do many activites and have regained 85 pounds.  To me my first surgery was a success.  I at this point still would do it all over again.  No more 8 insulin shots and off the CPAP.  With the back injuries and surgeries and steroid injects and steroids and the other 6 pain management pills i take 2 or 3 times a day weight started coming back.  So now I am going to be revised to the DS.

  Also I found my first page from my surgery in 2000 the link to it is :  Clarissa B and here  is the hyperlink


I wish I could get into that profile and just continue on with it. Sigh any Ideas. I no longer have the email account from way back then.

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