Weight Gain

Feb 25, 2012

So.... I am now 163 lbs... Size 12 to 14. Feel fat and defeated. I am trying to get back into exercise, which I totally stopped after stopping with the personal trainer.
I am back with him once a week at his house, as he isn't working for the gym anymore. I have been a paying member at another gym since August but only went once.
I eat the wrong things... I'vebeen grazing a lot... I have a long commute and eat when I drive (out of boredom.) I deserve every pound of this weight gain.
And now... I must get control of it. It's really easy to sink into a  funk and just let it sweep me away into weight gain....
I am trying NOT to let that happen... this weightgain can be worked on. It is manageable. All is not lost.

So............. 10 pairs of size 10 jeans sit in the corner, and I am hoping I can lose the weight and fit back into them by .... let's say August. (Even though in August the last thing I'd want to wear is jeans!)

(sigh)... how could i let this happen? 


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