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Jul 19, 2010

Tomorrow, I will be 2 weeks post-op. Up until now, I have felt really good, had energy, and have had minimal discomfort from the surgery for a while now. This morning, I had a lab draw for my appt. tomorrow. It literally took everything I had in me to pull my hair up in a pony tail. My biceps felt like they were on fire, yanno that burning sensation you get when you are lifting weights. I feel like at any given moment, I'm literally just going to fall over. At my blood draw, the tech kept asking me if I was ok, she thought I was going to colapse on her. I'm drinking my water, taking my vitamins and meds, walking...I'm doing everything that I am supposed to be doing, so I'm at a loss as to why I feel like this? Is this "normal"??? The past few days I have also had this sharp/stabbing pain in my left side, followed by a burning sensation, a pain/sensation which is new since I have had the surgery. Have no clue what is going on. Has any one else ever experienced this?!


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