March 23, 2009 update

Mar 22, 2009

Can't believe it has been this long since I visited this site and bothered to write an update. This journey has been unbelievable. I am down 150 lbs. and pretty stable. Steady losses the entire time. Have been lucky and have not had a gain ever during my journey. I am ready for surgery to get rid of this sagging skin. Have already processed the paper work once to my insurance and been denied so it is in the appeal process. So...awaiting a second result. Hoping it will go through this time. I have had some other things done to improve my looks since surgery. Had an eye lid lift done so I can now see better and had 6 old crowns on teeth replaced that I had had for over 33 years. My dentist was just amazed that I had had them that long and all was well under their. The teeth were healthy so on with the new crowns and a new look. I bleached all the other teeth and had brighter crowns put on so my smile is nicer now. Still have a terrible over bite but can solve everything. Even with insurance the crowns and bleaching cost is three thousand dollars. I have no idea how people with no insurance make it. this point I have gone from a size 34 to a 14/16. God is so good. We have a new grandbaby. His name is Elijah James and he is 6 months old already. He is so yummy. I just can't get enough of him. And...if I want to get down on the floor and play...I can get up all by myself. Couldn't have done that two years ago before surgery.
Hope all of you out there are doing as well.
Love and Blessings to all.
Norma Jean


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