Next surgery update

Apr 15, 2009

Still waiting on all things to fall in place so I can get my next surgery done. Tri-Care denied the panniculectomy but approved the hernia repair. I am not going to be opened up twice so have had another consult. This time up at the Naval Base in Portsmouth, VA. My bariatric surgeon at Ft. Bragg was kind enough to put in the referral for me. The work done there is not cost free but it certainly is a lot cheaper than full fee civilian. This would mean a abdomnioplasty and a masteopecty at the same time in addition to the hernia repair if needed. The docs there are not entirely sure I really have a hernia. It may be just a tissue mass. I need a CAT to determine that for sure. There lies the catch. Need to get some one here to do the CAT as we ran out of time when we were in VA. The contrast stuff has to be drunk four hours before the CAT is done. We had to get back so my husband could go to work the next day. So...I tried to get Womack to do it. No go. They said have your Primary Care Giver do it who is a civilian. He said no but I pleaded and he is taking a look at the order I had for up in VA today and reconsidering. So...maybe I will get it done here after all. I hate to think of having to drive all the way to VA and spend a day up there for that test. It is 5 hours up and 5 back and I have to stay up there for the four hour wait after you drink the contrast fluid so it will be a very long day in addition to the added expense and bother. After the CAT all that remains is paying for the procedures and going on the waiting list. They are not sure just how long I will have to wait to have the surgeries. So...that is where I stand at this point.
     On a personal note I am feeling better than I have in over twenty years. Life is good. And...we have all of our family close by for a change. Our son-in-law is stationed at Bragg so we have the daughter and four grands here once again. Then their is the new grandson by our son and his wife. He is just 7 months old and oh so much fun. We haven't had a baby in the family for over 10 years so this is really a novelty for all. The other grand children are having such a good time with him as well. So this grandma is one happy camper these days and.....she can get down on the floor to play and get back up by herself. Couldn't have done that two years ago before bariatric surgery. God is so good. I have lost 156 lbs. now and am just 6 lbs. shy of my goal weight. I posted a new photo. What a change from the one taken in Alaska.
    Hope all of you are having a great journey.
                  Norma Jean


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