Jan 29, 2009

Yes, I just got home this morning.  Banded yesterday.  Not a bad surgery.  Just a little sore at the port area and feel like I did stomach crunches.  Glad to be home.  The hospital was great, but it's not the place to sleep I've found out.  They get you up every 4 hours to walk and otherwise, between pressure checks and constant beeping of instruments, it's a noisy place.  The nurses couldn't be nicer.  Just doing their jobs.  Now the fun part.  Drinking and pulling out the full liquid phase diet to check to see what's allowed.  Two weeks of that, then on to mushies and then soft foods.  March 12 I'm scheduled for regular foods.   Right now I have no inkling for food, but I'm sure it's going to happen soon.  Just doing liquids right now, maybe some pudding later.  I know all you bandsters are hungry for info, so hope I helped.  Oh and another nicety, the girls at the bariatrics office sent me flowers while in the hospital and the hospital gives you a beautiful bath sheet towel.  Nice touch!


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