Hi my name is Felicia and I live in small town TX, USA. I'm 31 yrs. old and have 2 boys that I love  with all my heart they are my world, I would not give them up fro ANYTHING or ANYONE ,although they do tend to drive me nuts at times,but we have a good time I have struggled with my weight my whole life as far as I can rememberI could always loose the weight but never keep it offbut the more I read the more I realize if it has been a life long problem then it has to do with genetics and ones lifestyle, we have to equal out what we put in our bodies and what we put out "excersise"  to maintain weight and to loose weight  we have to excersise more than what we eat....yea it sux but thats life. I have tried every weightloss program out there from weight watchers,herbal life to The Atkins diet,south beach diet to all the fad diets that exsists, its been a loosing battle finally I said NO MORE!!! I have been attempting to have the surgery for about a yr now, but recently i decided for sure to go with it!!! I had my consultation 05/23/2009 and went thru all my testing THANK GOD all came out well I just need my psyc evaluation and an upper G.I And to be honest I have been kind of nervous and worried that i will not make it out of surgery at first i didnt know if it was me or if it was true intuition a gut instinct  But yesterday I recieved great news My Dr;'s ofc assistant called me and told me I only had to pay 1182.00 for my deductible I was thinking I would  have to py the full 2500.00 then I received in the mail my benefits letter confirming my short term disability date 08/03/09 and they were paying me my full hours while I am off recovering from my surgery, let me tell you I was estatic to me that was a sure sign from GOD! That it was meant to be, so here Iam days away from my surgery date 08/03/09.  UPDATED: 09/13/09 well since I was last here and shared my story things hv chgd I more less didnt have the 1200.oo to have my surgery on 08/03/09 n yes I did get cold feet as well and I waited n my deductible did indeed chg from 1200.00 to 376.00 which drastically helped me that was easier to come up with n to top it off my sister offered to py it w/ her caremore med cardshe is a true agel sent dwn from heaven!!! Now my surgery is rescheduled to tomorrow 09/14/09 n im very excited but more nervousI always expect the worst n hope 4 the best... but ive decided 2 LET GO N LET GOD he is the one in charge n I know my work here on earth is not DONE yet!!!  I hv 2 lil men who nd me more than words can say so I sure things wl b ok its just me I have many prayers! Anyhow Im estatic n cant wait I just can imagine all the hard wk wl soon pay off well I will write more soon wish me luck n plz keep me in your prayers!

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