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"Dr Houston is ... well awesome!! No other words...Of course there is so much more to the whole experience than just the physician. In fact, in my opionion the physician can be stellar, but without a great support staff he becomes just mediocre. I started my journey with another physician group in another city, and I was really unhappy. I felt like I was part of a surgery mill. I was already through a great deal of the process when I started looking around. I found info about Centennial Center for Treatment of Obesity here on this board and googled them, emailed Pam Davis who is the program director... Well she called me back at 6:30pm that same evening and spend 25 min telling me about the program at Centennial. I was impressed from that phone call on... The only reservation was that Centennial is 3 hours away from my home... That quickly became a very minor detail. First I dealt with the Financial Councelors to get all my records transferred and my insurance benefits verified. Heather became a lifeline. She always promptly responded to my calls/emails... And are you ready for this?!?!?! She frequently initiated emails of her own to keep me up to speed!!! Next I dealt with Holly at Dr Houston's office. She was a dream. She treated me like a friend and listened to my special needs. She really cared about my timelime and my work situation. She went above and beyond her job to help me. ( And I seriously get the impression that she does this on a regular basis.) She helped me get my appointments scheduled AND get my pre-op stuff done and got me a terriffic surgery date!!! Woo Hoo!!! Then there was the good doctor himself. I waiting on him.... (Are you ready for this????) like 10 min?!?!?!? Is that crazy or what?!?!?! How many times do you go to the doctor and wait like an hour? Not here.... (not gonna say it never happens but I seriously beleive that it is not the norm.) He has such a relaxed calming demenor and explained in great detail what to expect and what I would experience. He talked about obesity and discussed me inparticular while going over my records. He was very encouraging about the surgery and about being about to do it laprascopically. He spent almost 30 min with me that first day. My surgery went very well, and Dr Houston came every day to check on me. He praised me for doing a good job of getting fluids in, protein in and for walking. He listened to my questions and answered them without having one foot out the door of the hospital room! The nursing staff that took care of me was great also. They were always right there almost before I needed anything and were very professional and cheerful! They seem like they really enjoy their jobs! They were awesome to my husband, too. When I did have to push the nurses call button, it never seemed that it was at all an inconvenience. Almost felt like that they were there just for me!!! I don't think anyone could find a better "total package" than Dr Houson and the staff at Centennial Center for the Treatment of Obestiy! I know that my family and I are very pleased!!! Thank you everyone!!!! "
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