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"I am a HUGE fan of Dr. Dakin and the Weill/Cornell NY Hospital WLS team - from the reception staff to the administrators to the PAs and nurses, etc. Dr. Dakin was serious on our first visit, punctuated by his bizarre surgeon-humor. We sparred a bit on a few things (like vitamins) but he gently, in his surgeon-way, nudged me back to the possibilities (and the risks) of this surgery and how I'd be an ideal candidate. The staff is stunning. They all know me by name (you see them a lot with appointments). The program is beautifully integrated across the care spectrum - they really pay attention to each other. And it doesn't hurt that the clinic looks and feels like a spa! (I mean with mosaic tiles and everything.) The program is less structured than others. It's not that it isn't detailed, it's just that I think they're much more flexible than others I've learned about on OH. (For example, there's no 2 week liquid diet, though there is a 2-day one immediately before surgery. Also, you advance to puree foods in the hospital if you can, rather than after 2 weeks as many other places do...) The pre-op work was intense but supported. Pre-surgery testing was smooth. Day of surgery the staff was incredible - in fact, throughout my hospital stay I kept wanting to write letters of commendation for EVERYONE - and I really mean, EVERYONE who cared for me. That was exceptional. The GI floor (14 N) where WLS patients go (unless they have complications) is amazingly beautiful with private rooms that have calming views of Roosevelt Island & the East River. Walking the hospital corridor a few hours after my surgery with Issa, my patient care tech, was even more beautiful because I could just look at all the panoramic views of the river. That helped me in my recovery. Dr. Dakin stopped in every day to check on my progress, and members of the care team did multiple times a day. The protocol is for zero-pain, so I wasn't really in pain - not saying it was easy, but pain wasn't the hardest part. I was ready for discharge once I was passing fluids and could tolerate foods and could take my pain meds orally. I was off the percocet 4 days after getting home. Quite frankly, this is NYC's #1 hospital, so they have much more advanced techniques and equipment. Dr. Dakin and the WCWLS team have my highest commendation, and then some. Please feel free to message me if you have any questions. "
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