Nearly 8 Years Post op open Duodenal Switch

Aug 08, 2017

So much has occured since I had open Duodenal Switch on September 4, 2009. I went from 268 and invisible to a crazy 127 before doing a round of IVF in 2012. Our twins were born later that year and life has been insane since. PTSD, depression, anxiety.. and more.... I have gained and lost and gained again. But, this time I have committed to a workout and the meal plan and it is working. I have dropped 10# in a very fast amount of time. I am now 150 and dropping. I haven't been this weight since I was in my early pregnancy. I am now working on not only dropping weight, but truly toning up. I want to be strong and I want those muscles working for me. Muscle burns calories 24/7 where cardio stops about 45 minutes after your heartrate settles back down. I love helping other people figure out what to do, too. Love it! Love my DS!!!

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I enjoy torturing myself I guess.... lol

Jun 08, 2016

Gonna do it and probably going to cry a lot.

22 Minute Hard Corps by the best health company I have ever came across - Beachbody.

The results others are having is insane and I know I can do it.

I have never had abs, even when thin. Is it really possible? Please send me light and love and well wishes as I struggle to press play and do something that scares me so badly. Me and Cardio- we are not friends. 

CW 155-160

HW in 2009 268

LW 2010-2012 127 (with 15 extra pounds of skin)

Twins 2012

GW Just healthy and less skin around the midsection and thighs. I would be blessed to just be fit and healthy. The part about looking good is just a side effect of being healthy.


Lots of light to you and yours,



Frisco, TX


That was close!

May 16, 2016

Whew. That 10 pounds is gone and now I am headed back in the right direction. I am 6 1/2 year post op Duodenal Switch weight loss surgery. I still have no regrets about having the open surgery. I did have a jtube for +2 months due to nausea and with the surgery being open - my recovery was painful. I had twins 3 years later and now I am at 160#, 15 # of extra skin still and very squishy. Yes, I am. I need to tone up, but I also need the full lower body lift very badly. My body is bothering me quite a bit and I do want to touch on that. I would never go back to where I was, this is just another issue with less consequences. My legs - my body in general is destroyed. I destroyed my mother ship. It crushes me. What if I have to start dating again? How would I ever explain such a turn off? I am not okay with this thought. I can't wear shorts- I need the lift to give me my legs back. :( So.... I plan on making it happen some how and that will probably be in Tijuana and YES, I did research it and NO it is not any more dangerous than doing it in the US without researching the surgeons first. :) I hope that if you are reading any of my blogs that you remember the reason(s) you want or need weigh loss surgery. Medical issues? Vanity? It matters what your goal is. This is not a solution to a problem, rather a tool. I am not thin right now and I also do not have major vitamin dificiencies that many others do. I hardly take any additional supplements due to great labs. I do give a lot of the credit to my ride-or-die supplement since 6 months after having surgery - my Shakeology. I don't care what your opinion is of MLM. That is irrelevant. This is an item that has truly improved the lives of me, my family and so many around me. Clinical trials exist. Check it out. Healthiest Meal of the Day is no joke! I hardly take any additional supplements - tad iron, multivitamin, D3 and calcium. That's it. Not bad!


So, althought I am still on the bigger side according to society and my body is destroyed much like a dying helium balloon, it was worth it all. I am alive and free. :)




Well F(^*!

Apr 09, 2016

Sometimes you just want to say F#&$! I started working from home, for myself in late December. I was right on with my weight and nutrition for the last year or so and then came home. I have gained a dreaded 10#. The 10# that makes all the difference. The 10# that makes me go from not bad to oh, how sad. Ahhh! Time to quit this laziness and comfort and get back on my routine. It certainly isn't a diet. It is how I live. I just didn't adjust well working from home at first!

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Nearly 6 Years Post-Op Open DS Duodenal Switch

Aug 16, 2015

Time flies. Point blank. I mean to check in more often but it just has not been happening. I am now a healthy mother of 2 1/2 year old twins. They are a handful and I also work full time and have been in North Texas for two years now. We moved the twins when they were seven months old to north Dallas and we absolutely love it here. I am getting back into the health and fitness business to keep me accountable and help others as I have always had a passion to do.

I struggle with weight still. I have been able to drop 30 pounds this last year with direct intention to monitor everything. I am working on it all the time. It is much easier for me to eat well v exercise but I do my best. We recently started Body Beast and after quick injuries to our entire legs, we have slowed that down and will start again at a less aggressive place in our lives. (hubby and I)

I will be back to check in soon. It is almost my 6 year surgiversary and I will have to do a video. I am as healthy as I can get on paper. I am very proud of that. I will be back to explain what I do and how I have become so healthy!


Update- twins are 18 months now....

Jun 18, 2014

I want to be real.  I did have twins in November 2012 and the DS WLS 9/4/09.... I still am holding onto weight and even lost and gained some since the birth of my twins.  I haven't been able to faithfully stick to a program - any program. Even though I know they work.  Too much on my plate that I now don't have myself in the forefront of priorities.

I still try but I am sitting at 188.  My highest weight before surgery was 268 and after surgery got down to 127 and floated around 140 for a long time before doing IVF.  



This is hard....

Apr 05, 2013

I hate working out.  It's true.  I am struggling to enjoy it so I think it is time to change my workouts up.  I will be trying out 10 Minute Trainer and Brazil Butt Lift again and still some P90X.  Maybe even Insanity.  We have a new video coming out this summer by the wonderful Shaun T and it's a 25 minute workout so of course I am going to try that one!

I need motivation.  Where did I put it?


Time to Lose Weight... Again!

Feb 25, 2013

Sure, once I did lose 145 pounds. Yeah, but with the strict help of Duodenal Switch weight loss surgery just prior to finding Beachbody. I lost 100 lbs before getting up enough courage to give P90X a shot. I was in bed for the last few months pretty much and prior to that I had heart de-conditioning among other health conditions that led me to chose a very lazy lifestyle. But I did it. I got off the couch with the fear running course though my veins. I was so afraid of failure. I was afraid of the unknown. I still am. I restarted P90X today with my husband since we had twins just three short months ago. I now find myself needing to shed 50 pounds and I have a plan. Even though I have done P90X before and I have lost weight before, I was so scared to press play today. I found that naughty 5% of my brain thinking of excuses. No excuses. I am doing this for my health, my weight needs to be lower to be healthy. I am doing this for my children and for my husband. I am doing this for myself because baby, there is nothing that tastes as great as skinny and healthy feels. 9 Pounds Down. 41 To Go.

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Long Time No... Blog!

Feb 06, 2013

Well, I have had a set of boy girl twins since my last blog.  I have been so busy altering my life since the last blog, as well.  We battled infertility for several years before doing IVF once and getting our beautiful twins that were born November 28 2012.  I even blog about it- Google: Lucero Family Detour Azoospermia Detour for that blog.

I am actually 10 weeks post partum today and started a 21 day deal to get healthy- a total reset of my body.  I am doing the Beachbody Ultimate Reset.  Yep, I am still a Beachbody Coach (its been nearly 3 years!) and I start another round of P90X on February 25 2013 for 90 days.  I am calling this my Mommy Makeover!  21 days of the total reset followed by 90 day round of P90X will get me ready for summer.  I turn 35 the last day of my P90X round!  Perfect timing!  I am looking to lose 50 pounds.  I talk about this stuff all the time on facebook if you wanna find me.




2 Year Post Op Transformation Video

Aug 22, 2011

My video is on youtube!


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