The good, the bad and the ugly!

Mar 25, 2010

It's hard to believe, but today I am 98 days post-op.  What a journey! 

During the past three-plus months, I have had a total re-education in eating and nutrition.  I plan my meals carefully and thoughtfully now.  I do not eat as a pass time or for enjoyment.  I am sure someday I will enjoy food again, but for now I eat to live, not live to eat.  Food is fuel, not fun.

My protein consumption exceeds my doctors requests nearly every day, thanks to the Magic Mocha Latte!  I start my morning off with a shot of espresso, 10 oz of milk and two scoops of chocolate protein THAT is a power drink of epic proportion... 50 plus grams of protein is darn good!

Vitamins, calcium and iron are all remembered and taken with respect everyday.  I know I need them and it's now ingrained in my daily routine.

Exercise is going well, great actually.  I am lighter on my feet with the weight loss, so it's easier of course to move!

Water (and other liquid) consumption is the the real bain of my existence.  I try and try but I simply HATE to drink, which is odd since I was once a serious guzzle girl!   I am working on it though and since I am in control of just about everything else, I have faith that this too shall be mastered.

Somtimes I see the changes, like when I walk past a mirror and I am like "WHOA, is that me?!?"  Then there are other cool revelations like the fact that I can no longer fit into Queen Size pantyhose anymore or I look like an old granny with them bunched up around my ankles.  My shoes are even getting too big if you can believe it and my wedding ring is now huge.  I notice changes daily.  Most of the changes are good, some - not so much.

I am now shedding more hair than my German Shepherd does in July!  So NOT good.  I am teetering on the decision of cutting it all off and going for a pixie cut.  Ugh...I don't know.  Sure it's a transient problem but it is freaking me out still. 

Then there is the hanging skin.   OMG the inside of my thighs and my upper arms look hideous.  The skin doesn't just sag, it folds unto itself...and reminds me of elephant skin!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  EEEkkkk.  It is what it is for the moment though, since I am not done loosing weight and I have not completely done with the idea that working out "may" help some.  If all else fails I will get a second job or play the Lotto so I can pay for plastics. 

...and so it goes.