Ah, yes, my story.  As with many morbidly obese individuals, I have always been large.  I first remember realizing it in early elementary when we had to shop at Sear’s Chubby Girl section, and my clothes still always felt tight.  Round is a shape I have never cared for, and so didn’t like my first name, since the “R”, the “o” and the “b” were all round, reminding me that I was fat.


As my mother and father also were over weight, our meals were never fried, and Fleischman’s margarine was a staple in the house.  But since there were five children our meals were often largely carbohydrates with minimal protein.

 I've been on the diet and exercise yo-yo for two thirds of my life.  Jr hi was the Canadian Air Force exercise booklet and our family doctor supervised 1200 calories diet.  College included disco dancing and walking the campus for exercise and visits to a doctor who would monitor your weight every ten days, and give you amphetamines to help with the weight loss. Got a lot of stuff done, and dropped weight fast, but then, Thanksgiving! Post college, the doctor supervised B-12 clinic, Middle Eastern dance as exercise, another round of 1200 calorie diet, and on and on.  Then . . . years of just giving up.  Nothing worked, and I was tired of trying.  At one point, my niece lost a lot of weight by giving up all sweets, so I tried that.  Again, a few pounds, but it didn’t continue. 

In August of 2000, almost on a whim, I decided I would try Atkins.  My dad had been diagnosed with Type II Diabetes and I wanted to reduce the carb exposure my body got.   I went down to less than 20 grams of carbohydrates per day for several weeks, and then kept it below 40 (with a random “binge” of 80-100 grams once a month or so).  It worked!!!  I lost 49 pounds, and when I got my blood pressure checked, it was normal!  I have not been on blood pressure medication since, even when I regained some weight.   I have continued to control my carbs, and expect to for the rest of my life.  This is not a diet, but a life change.  I can tell when I have more carbs than I should.  I retain water and can get quite, um, temperamental (yeah, that's the word! LOL) if I am not careful.


When my loss started slowing, I added exercise.  Canadian Air Force booklet on line! (Ah the technology age!). Joined the Y and I worked out hard on the treadmill for quite a few months.  Some loss, but nothing like what I need. 


In January 2006, I started on the Trim Body system, limiting carb and calorie intake, and using a specific exercise regimen. I dropped a surprising 35 pounds in the 6 months I was on it.  And loved the exercise routine.  But had various breathing issues and stopped.

Due to the breathing issues, my PCP referred me to my pulmonologist who had diagnosed me with sarcoidosis (now in remission) 13 years earlier.  Ended up getting diagnosed with mild sleep apnea and anxiety.  Got put on Zoloft (which they use for apnea now!) and he strongly recommended I consider WLS. So far, the only common co-morbidity I have is the mild apnea, but according to Dr. Spangenthal (my pulmonologist), both my blood sugar and blood pressure are inching toward a real diagnosis.  

I started exploring the idea of WLS then, and went to one local seminar.  Researched my insurance (BC/BS of Illinois) and found that they changed the policy in August/Sept 2006 from requiring 12 consecutive dr monitored weight loss months, to only 6.  And that they allow Jennie Craig or Weight Watchers as the program, as long as a dr. monitors you. So I began WW and just love with the group and the leader.  Hasn't been real effective in terms of weight loss, but it does provide accountability, and has given me ideas for exercise (going to the FARTHER bathroom at work, etc.)

My six month of WW is Feb, and by then all my required pre-surg appointments (psych, physical, pap, mammogram, nut, blood work) will be done.  So then, we hope to rock and roll!

I am 48 and have been married 23 1/2 years to an AWESOME guy, my hero!  We share a home (we're in the in-law appt) with my neice, nephew, and their five kids (9, 6 1/2, 2 1/2, and twins 111/2).  I call them my "rent to own" family, close enough, but since we have separate space, it's not too close!  I'm a lawyer, and work with an ins company.

Currently going thru the frenetic "getting all the appointnments in"


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