Jon R. Pirrello

"July 2, 2009 - Went for my two year with Dr. P and got to see him at his new digs. The staff at his office is even better than when he was in Concord!!!!! I am so happy he set up his own practice, as I was not at all happy with the \"nutrition\" staff that shared the office with Carolinas Weight Loss Surgery in Concord. I recommend everyone to Dr. Pirrello and his new practice. You will not be disappointed. They are professionals who see their role as being advisors to you as you make decisions for your health.rnrnrnHad my first consult with Dr. Pirrello Mon, Jan 22. He has a great subtle wit, and spent a TON of time with us (hubby and I). Thrilled with dr and all the staff. Every single staff member was so pleasant and made you feel like a valued person. Loved the fact that as of my consult visit, they have had no deaths and very few complications. The video we watched was long, but very informative. The room was a little warm and since the lights were muted (for the video) it got a little drowsy. Nothing that being prepared won't fix, tho. They took a photo (a before shot) and I wish I had known that was going to happen so that I could make an informed choice on my dress. (Lucky for me I was dressed nicely, tho!) All in all, this seems like a perfect fit for me! rnrn5/28/07 - I have now had two surgeries in one week by Dr. P (lap RNY wih Fobi band AND emergency hernia) and can say that I can't think of a soul I'd rather have operate on me. He is both professional and compassionate. DH found out that Dr. P not only does the bariatric surgery, but is on trauma surgery staff for the hospital, too, because he loves it. You have to admire a doc like that! I recommend Dr. P to anyone!"

Diane Stout

"I have been extremely disappointed in the nutritional support provided. The fee is $500 paid for what is supposedly an intake appointment (which was handled as a group session), at least one visit while in the hospital after surgery (which never happened) and then monthly appointments thereafter. She is not a registered dietician. Her demeanor was very patronizing, and I have had others say that she is that way toward them as well. She implied that I was a liar, which was the last straw. I'm am someone who will "own" my behaviour and so I do not appreciate people who treat me in this manner. I had my first several appointments with the other nurse in the office, and so I did not see Diane until my three month post op appt. I went in to her and she was talking to me for about 15 minutes before she asked "Have we met before?" Now, realize that she had a photo of me in the file, and had all the notes taken in advance. She could have taken ten minutes to review the file prior to me coming in and realized that she had never met me. She was not at all prepared for this "professional" appointment. I had paid $400 and at the last visit decided I had had enough. I will not return to this practice and feel that I way overpaid for their work. It is important to note that while this practice shares a waiting room with the surgeons' office, it is not the same practice. Diane Stout is employe by Northeast Medical Center, not Drs. Bauman and Pirrello."

CMC Northeast Medical Center (COE)

"I had two surgeries here - RNY on May 18 and then emergency surgery for strangulated hernia on May 22. Everyone was wonderful both times. The folks who prepped my food for after the hernia surgery didn't quite understand how the RNY impacted what I could have (they gave me tea and jello, both not allowed on my surgeon's first week after RNY). Other than that tho, it was perfect. Sure wish I lived closer so that this could be my regular hospital!"
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