no phentermine update

Sep 11, 2008

In August I had a follow up appointment with Dr. Pirrello.  We decided I would finish my third month on phentermine and then see how I do without it.  So I finished it on August 20 and have been without it since then.  I am experiencing real tiredness (can't even keep my eyes open some times), particularly in the last two weeks.  BUT, I also had two teeth pulled on Wednesday, Sept 3 and it was somewhat traumatic.  So I don't know if it's the pain meds, the lack of phentermine, or what.  But it's making me mad!!!!  The imact of being tired is that I tend to eat looking for energy.  sigh.

I've been just maintaining since the end of July at 242, plus or minus a few ounces.  I'm working harder at getting more exercise, so we'll see what happens and if that helps.  I did cut the whole yard today.  (And not on a riding mower!!!)  In fact, it's not even a self propelled.  The distance was about a mile and a half all told, and half is uphill.  So it was a good workout!

I'll just keep working it and making decisions day by day!

Phenermine update

Jul 03, 2008

Oh man, what a difference!  Blood pressure and heart rate are fine and I am dropping weight at a really reasonable pace.  (I was 267 on May 19 and am 245 as of July 2!)  Even better, I am really exercising to gain muscle (which will increase my metabolism!)  Doing a lot of leg exercises in my sis's pool and at Bondi Beach, the new wave pool at Carowinds.  And using some 10 lb weights.  I am really happy with how things are going.

A year out

May 28, 2008

To be honest, I didn't exercise well at all in the second six months.  I followed the diet reasonably,  but not harshly.  And the result? . . .I only dropped about 20 lbs in six months.  Slow metabolism is a convenient excuse, but I do think it has something to do with it.  So . . .Dr. Jon put me on phentermine effective May 9, 2008.  I have a script for three months, and havt to get my niece to check my blood pressure each week.  I've been on it now a week and two days, and have dropped 9 lbs!  I can tell that my metabolism has picked up, I am doing so much better!  Onderland, here I come! 

my six month check up and other things

Dec 02, 2007

Saw Dr. P on Nov 19.  My blood work was great, except for my white blood count and hemoglobin which were both slightly low, and my ferritin (sp?) which was high.  I need to see my blood doc (Dr. Taylor in Charlotte) to monitor the ferritin, and I'll make that appointment during the holidays.  I have been feeling really good till today.  I had a serious bout of diarrhea and intestinal cramping, it's been going for about three hours (the cramping, not the diarrhea).  I think it may be an intestinal flu.  If I'm not better tomorrow, I'll call Dr. P's office.
When I saw him at the office, he recommended I start monitoring calories - keeping it at 1000-1200.  Not too hard to do, so I am doing that.  

Went to DH's in-laws for Thanksgiving and had a rockin good time.  I love my inlaws!

Will blog more later.

blogging, not my big thing!

Nov 17, 2007

Well poop!  I forget to blog (can ya tell?  it's been four months!!!!)  sorry!
The journey goes well.  I have my six month appt with Dr. P on Monday.  Had my bloodwork done a week ago Friday during an appt with Dr. Larsen (my PCP).  I spoke with him about my water retention.  He said that taking the Prempro could easily be making me hold water, and other PMS symptoms (which haven't happened in several years!)  I had already started reducing the amount of Prempro and I think it's making a difference.  
I'm not losing as fast as I had hoped, but still losing.  (After all, I AM down more than 100 lbs since Feb 20 - nine months - not bad!)  I think I'm going to be a slow long time loser - taking at least 18 months to get to my correct weight.  We'll see!

long time no type!

Jul 17, 2007

Well . . .no excuse, I just forget to blog!
At this point (8.5 weeks out) I am cleared to try and eat any meat source.  This Friday I add fruits and veggies.  (I want a salad!)  So far chicken is not as easy for me as London Broil!  My nephew is an amazing chef, and he cooks this wonderful London Broil on the grill (Does that make it a Londond Grill?)  I can cut it into tiny pieces and chew it well, and it sits beautifully.  I am also really fond of Luisianne decaf tea with splenda and 1% milk.  And I have started drinking my water warm.  I run the hot water at the faucet and add my Walmart mix (love the early morning one) and my Benefiber.  Is working great so far.  

Will blog more later.  Really.

Two surgeries!

May 28, 2007

I'm not a big time blogger, so I'd better get with the program!  Had my surgery on Friday, May 18.  Went without a hitch, took three hours (Lap 
RNY with Fobi band) and Dr. Pirrello told DH that the hard work I had done to lose the 40 lbs prior to surgery had done a great job shrinking the liver!  I used the heck out of the swabs to keep my mouth wet that first day!  I did ok, not great, in getting down the shake and water the next day, but by Sunday, it was better.  Went home Sunday and  Monday was able to get down 60 g or protein and 60 oz of water.  Tuesday, I felt worse, and just couldn't make myself drink shake at all.  Just a little water.  At about 5 pm, I had big time dry heaves.  DH called Doc at 6pm (while I heaved some more) and he told us to get to the ER at Northeast Regional Med Center.  All the ER personnel were outstanding, and took me immediately.  Thank God the race week traffic wasn't bad!  Dr. Pirrello came in and when I told him about the lump just above my belly button he said he knew exactly what it was.  I had an umbilical hernia and it appeared that from the coughing, etc. post op, I had forced some intestine thru it!  So off I go to surgery again!  It actually turned out a little worse than he originally thought, because some of the intestine had lost circulation, and I had to have three inches cut out.  Now I had the staples from the lap RNY, and then  a lline of 19 staples just above my belly button from the hernia surgery.  Spent two more nights in the hospital, and came home again on Thursday.  Doing great with water and protein, and using the spirometer.   Had a pretty intense bout of diarrhea last night, getting stuff out of my system.  Feel so much better, and really on the right side of things.  Friday will be my two week with the nut, and will have an appt with Dr. Pirrello too (my one week was basically in the hospital!)  Then I hope to go on pureed.  totally excited now!     

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