John Gens

"When I first met Dr. Gens I knew that he was the one for me. He seemed like a very caring person. Which it turned out that I was right. He really cares about his patients. He even suggests that you call him at home after your surgery if you have any questions in the evening or weekends. That is unheard of today. My husband went with me to meet him and was also very impressed with him. rnI had a complication in the hospital and two days later had to go back in surgery. He was right there to take me back into surgery. Telling my family that he wanted to make sure all was right that he wouldn't sleep unless he knew everything was okay with me. Plus he was on vacation that week and stayed around home and said if I needed him he would be there. His whole team of Drs. are the best. Plus Nancy the Baratric Coordinator is the best. She was always there for me. If I ever was to do this over again I would seek out Dr. Gens. In my opinion he and his team of surgeons are the BEST. Thank You Dr. Gens. You gave me back my life. Roxanne W"

Portsmouth Regional Hospital

"I had the most amazing team of Drs. They took such good care of me. I had to go back in for a second surgery 2 days after the first one and they told my husband that they wanted to be safe and check me out and if they found nothing they would at least sleep better that night knowing I was okay. Dr. Gens was on vacation that week and stayed at his house so if he was needed he could be there for me in a matter of moments. That made my family and myself feel good. I would reccomend this team of Drs. to everyone. I also had a great experience with all of my nurses. They were there holding my hand and comforting me if I needed anything even in the middle of the night. Just to sit and talk to ease my mind. I was so afraid but they made me so at ease. "
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