Surgery Date!

Dec 20, 2012

Finally booked with Dr. Klein for January 10, 2013!!! So excited!kiss


Meeting my surgeon to get my DATE!!!

Nov 23, 2012

Hi everyone,

Hope everyone is doing awesome!

I am so excited because I followed up with my surgeons office and I have been booked to meet Dr. Huynh for my 2nd visit on December 5/2012.  So exciting because I get to book my surgery date!!!!  YAY!!! The only thing that is a bit disappointing is the fact that they are all booked for December and January

So I hope that I can get in for early February.

I am just so anxious and I cannot wait anymore to start my journey!

Anyways all, I just wanted to share my exciting news!

Jot xoxoxoxo


The Waiting Game

Nov 15, 2012

So this is my first post, new to this whole OH community  LOL! 

Well I just wanted to give you a quick introduction of myself to you all.

I am 31 years old and married to the most wonderful and loving husband. We have been together for a total of 14 years and married for 5. We have two fur-babies who I absolutely adore! A pug name Ruby and a Boston Terrier named Abby.

Currently in the process of trying to get my RNY surgery. There a list of appointments that I must do before I am accepted and given my surgery date. I have met with my surgeon, internist, RN nurse, and next week I go to meet my dietician and nutritionist. Hoping that soon after I will meet my surgeon one more time and then hopefully I will get a surgery date!!!!

Since puberty I have suffered from being overweight. My mother passed away when I was 13 years of age and that put me through tremendous stress and heartache. I guess you could say I ate my way up all these years in order to cope with her loss. I was very close to my mother...she meant the world to me..she was my best friend.

I also suffer from PCOS and hence another reason for the weight gain. Suffer from depression and anxiety. Also suffer from GERD.

I am hoping that by having this surgery that I can begin to get my life back. I have missed out on so much. I have hidden away from family functions. I try not to go out to public places where there will be a lot of people because I am scared of all the stares that I will get. I am afraid that people will make fun of me and I am tired of being asked if I am pregnant!!

So if there is anyone out there that has gone through or is going through what I have please add me as a friend :) I would love to make some awesome friends on here! kiss

I will keep you posted on my progress.  Please everyone pray for me that I get a date soon! I am SO ready!!!






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