Hi Everyone,
Finally got a few minutes to start adding to my profile and add a picture. Anywayz....Here I am in NC...and I hope to have Dr. Cook or Cox in Hickory and have the gastric bypass. I'll have a long wait as Medicare requires a 6 month physician supervised diet attempt.
I'm not in any real big hurry anyway, but I am looking forward to feeling alive again. This sux so bad  to be stuck at home most of the time. I have no friends anymore.   If not for the grace of God , I would have been gone from this earth long ago.  Over the past couple of years my health has definitely made a downward spiral. My blodd pressure has become very hard to control, I have diabetes, sleep apnea, end stage arthritis....and of course depression, which I had long before now.  If not for the medication that I take everyday I am sure my life would soon end.  My dream is to drop alot of this weight and , hopefully be free of some of these conditions and the medication. I have a 9 year old daughter I'd love to be around to raise. She has a weight problem too that , by example,  I would like to show her it can be reversed. I think if I could become more active, my daughter would follow suite. Its hard to be an "only child" , with ageing parents who arent able to get out an do alot physically. Like us , she has become too complacent sitting in the house watching life pass her by too. Really though, what choice does she have? Id like to reverse this situation as much for her benefit as much as for mine, if not more. Hopeing to make some local friends. If anyone cares to PM me Id love to hear from you...male or female. Wishing you all the best.

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