Doing a little better

Aug 15, 2009

  So far  I am doing a little better sinced my last post. My brain is finally out of a fog like state. I  have returned to my post op ways. Wish I was dropping weight like I was in the early days.....maybe I will still loose some .
I can't really complain though since MY goal  was to get below 200....which I have done.
I am at 192 for now....which I haven't been at that weight since before I got pregnant with my first child. I have the hanging skin to prove it. Still I would rather live with that than all the weight I carried around before. I see pictures of me before and  it is funny , but it doesn't seem like me...ya know  ? and I see pics of me now.....and that doesn't look like me either
  I will post a new pic next week when I get my before and after from my surgeons office, I hope  everyone is doing ok too. Hope to hear from any of you that wish to talk. Sorry I have been so distant...I have issues as well....trying to learn and deal and cope.....that is not always an easy thing to do sometimes is it ?
 Until next time....Hugs, Sandra


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