Serious complications at over a year out from surgery.

Aug 09, 2009

Well friends, it's been a long time since I posted anything here. At this point in my journey , I am experiencing serious complications and it has really thrown me for a loop. I come here to tell this to let you and everyone know what you might face at some point in your journey. Until now , I never thought I would/ could be facing such an issue.
 You see , prior to  my gastric bypass I was diabetic and on oral meds for that. Here I am over a year out and thought I was experiencing "dumping" over the last several months. Occasionally I would feel "odd" and my vision would start to disappear. My legs would feel as if I was standing on jello....I would have trouble breathing...I would sweat profusely.
 It was getting to the point that it was happening quite a I vowed to watch what I ate alot closer....go back to basics.
It helped some as the frequency went way down ....
This past Thursday, my family and I went to Discovery Place in Charlotte, NC to see the shipwreck display. Very interesting and worth the trip, I might add. On the way back we stopped at J&S in Hickory ( my favorite place to eat) I ate the country style steak with mashed potatoes, bread and a small bowl of salad. we come back home and are talking about buying a laptop computer. we decide to go see what Staples had and then while there , we decide that Walmart has a better buy  and decide to go there. On the way I ate 3 pieces of those jr. mints and two sweet tarts.
Not fifteen minutes later and walking down the aisle in Wally World, my vision is quickly disappearing and  my legs are feeling very weak. I tell my husband that I am not feeling right.....I might be getting ready to "dump" That is the last thbing I know anything about till I come to in the ambulance...and the paramedic asks me if I remember being in Walmart ( which I don't) Says  I had a seizure. Not just simple dumping but a fullblown seizure from blood sugar that was way too low.
Over the course of the last several months I had begun to decipher my symptoms and had checked my blood sugar when I was feeling "odd" and knew it was taking some low dips. Never would I  have thought that low blood sugar could make a person have a seizure. I have learned alot since this has happened. I am not the only one who  after gastric bypass surgery has a major problem with severe hypoglycemia......It can even be fatal if it goes low enough .
Not sure what the next step is going to thing I know is that I am going to get an appointment for a follow up visit with my surgeon to see what he recommends. One thing I know for sure is that I don't want to repeat this episode.... I have been lax in doing what I am suppose to do as far as taking my supplements, returning to my surgeon etc. I thought I was doing ok and no need....I see otherwise now.
This  has really thrown me for a loop. I have been severely depressed and still feel as if my brain is in a fog and feel at odds about life in general. i am very afraid of this happening again. I have enough wrong with me as it is and hate to add another problem that I would have to deal with for the rest of my life.
Just know it can happen to you too.  If you can learn from me, the dummy, and don't do as I have done....and if you can save yourself  and your family the heartbreak.
Until next time,


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