Trace Curry

"My 1st impression was that he is tall and I thought he might be a typical cocky surgeon type. But then he sat down and was relaxed and very down-to-earth. He remains the most approachable doctor I have ever met and it is an honor to be one of his patients. He also has a wonderful sense of humor. The thing I like the least, is that he is not in Columbus. But, he is well worth the drive. Future patients should know that his skill is only matched by the amount he cares for his patients. Aftercare is very important to Dr. Curry, just as important as the surgery itself. There are scheduled follow up visits and support group meetings. Plus, he is accessible all of the time through his website, patient portal, Obesity Help, his office, and the hospital. Dr. Curry is very good at explaining the entire procedure and letting you know exactly what the risks of having, and not having, the surgery are. Dr. Curry is more than excellent. He is a gifted surgeon and a special person. WLS is lucky to have him."

Deaconess Hospital

"I had a private room that was well equipped with a table for my family to use, 2 dining chairs, and 2 other comfortable chairs. One chair folded out into a bed in case a family member wanted to stay. I was in Cincinnati with my mother and son and, I guess I shouoldn't say this, but the staff allowed my son to visit me and made a fuss over what a good looking boy he is. The nurses and aides were awsome. They were very encouraging and extremely sensitive, especially when I was in the most pain, including helping me with toileting. On my way out of the hospital, one aide stopped me to give me a hug and wish me luck. And, I had to promise to stop up and visit them when I go in for follow ups. I unfortunately did not get to stay on the WLS floor since it was being remodeled, but I still had good accommodations. The only thing I say is to be sure to get there early so you can get checked in at Central Registration, one woman likes to talk on the phone. That probably wouldn't be a problem for most people, I just run late a lot. But, I LOVE the free valet parking. Oh, if the cafeteria sends you some broth, don't eat it, it's way to salty. Just ask the nurses and they'll get you some Jello."
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